Panther Profile: Lizzie Litchfield

Lizzie Litchfield
Lizzie Litchfield

Lizzie Litchfield is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther girls’ soccer team. Litchfield has played varsity all four years and has grown to be a leader on the defensive side of the ball.

Litchfield met with The News on Wednesday after practice. The questions are in bold with her answers following.

Did you grow up in Mt. Pleasant? I did, yes.

How long have you been playing soccer? My whole life. For as long as I can remember.

So when you were a little kid, you were involved in all the youth leagues? Yeah, my brother was very involved in soccer, so that just kind of transferred to me.

Positionally, have you always been kind of middle-defense? I’ve played everywhere actually. In high school, I’ve just kind of been wherever they needed me to be, and then junior year I kind of became a holding mid.

As a defensive-mid, you scored your first goal this year. How special was that? Yeah, it was definitely really cool. Not a lot of defensive mids get that.

Do you have any fun goal celebrations planned for the next one? Not really. I don’t really think about it much. I just kind of get back and defend!

Do you have any superstitions? Not really. I just kind of go with the flow, I guess.

You don’t wear the same socks every game or anything like that? No, that would be bad. I’d smell bad. Really bad.

Do you have any buddies on other teams that you kind of talk with during the games? Not really. Just the team. There are a few people I know, but not really close friends.

Does anyone ever try and trash talk you or maybe bump you a couple times? Yeah. Some of that. Some social media…

Oh, like people calling you out on Twitter or something? Not Twitter, but in the DMs (Direct Messages), you know! Oh yeah, a little bit.

How do you deal with that? I just kind of leave them on red.

I’ve never heard of people getting trash-talked on the DMs before. Girls. They’ll do anything.

When you aren’t at home or at practice, what can we find you doing? Out with friends, just hanging out. Bonfires, eating s’mores, watching movies. Mainly going out to eat, especially at Mi Pueblo!

Oh, well the very next question is, “What is the best place to eat in Mt. Pleasant?” Mi Pueblo, No. 1! Definitely.

What do you get there? Steak Con Queso.

If you could be an animal, what would you choose? Panda!

That was fast, why a panda? Because they’re super cute, and they get to eat a lot of food, and people still think they’re cute. And they’re just fuzzy, and furry, and round, and clumsy.

Do you think you would like bamboo? Yeah … I don’t know, maybe.

If you could hang out with one celebrity for a day, who would it be? I’d say hang out with Frank Sinatra, just to hear him sing!

Oh, that’s a good one. He was the man of his time.

Would you do a duet with him? Maybe, I don’t know. Maybe just to say I did.

What if you could pick a superpower to have? Teleportation.

So if I gave you the power of Teleportation right now, where are you going? I would go to Greece sometime. It just seems pretty.

On long bus rides, who is your seat buddy? Kendin Scheitlin. She’s small and short, so she doesn’t take up much space and I can just sprawl!

Who’s your favorite teacher? The DePriests. Can I pick both of them? They’re just fun and they’re good people. They make every student feel like they belong.

Any shout outs? I’ll shout out my parents.

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