Panther Profile: Dalton Moyle

Dalton Moyle
Dalton Moyle

Dalton Moyle is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther boys’ cross-country team.

Moyle has been a quick riser for the Panther boys. He finished second in the SEC meet. He is also a member of the track and field, and wrestling teams.

Moyle met with The News on Tuesday after practice. The questions are in bold with his answers following.

Did you grow up here in Mt. Pleasant? Yes, I did.

How long have you running cross-country? Ever since seventh grade.

What got you into it? My dad always ran when he was in high school. That just made me want to do it.

Do you know what you’re doing after high school yet? I’m thinking about going to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids and just continuing my schooling. I’m not sure about the whole running thing in college.

What is your mindset going into the state qualifier? Are there more nerves? Yeah, I’m pretty nervous going into this week. I’ve got a good chance of going to state this year, so hopefully I do.

Have you gone online and looked at all the runners that will be there and seen everyone’s time? Yeah, I do sometimes. Sometimes I’ll catch myself just thinking about it even, but I just try not to get too worked up about it.

What goes on in your head during the race? I guess I think to myself what I should do next. If I should settle at the pace that I’m going, or pick it up a little or go pass somebody.

Have you ever been elbowed too hard at the beginning of the race? Yeah. I’ve been told by some of my teammates that I’m kind of more of an aggressive person during the races, but there have been a couple of times just this year that there have been other teams that just rub right up against you. They don’t say anything about it, they just keep going!

What’s it like nowadays running every day with the girls? It’s different. Last year was the first year we started doing it. It’s something to get used to, you just kind of watch what you say a little bit more.

Who do you talk to most on long bus rides to meets? Probably Cody. He and I became pretty good friends these last two years, especially this year.

Do you have anybody other than the team that you go and run with in the offseason? Alec Gardner, who couldn’t be on the team this year. He and I run a lot together.

Any nicknames? My freshman year a lot of people called me “Little D,” because there was another Dalton on the team.

When you aren’t at school or practice, what can we find you doing? I go down to my internship a lot at Steffensmeier Welding. I hang out with the people that work there, and some of their kids I know.

So are you like an expert welder? I’m pretty good, I guess. They let me work on a lot of the jobs, and nothing has came back that’s bad yet.

If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would you choose? Probably Will Farrell. I love the Talladega Nights and Step Brothers movies. I think they’re hilarious.

What would you guys do? I’ m not even sure! Just hang out I guess.

What if you could have a super power? I’ve always thought it’d be cool if you could blow stuff up with your mind.

You could really mess with people’s heads during the race too, like if trees started blowing up. Yeah! (Laughing) That would be something.

Favorite movie or TV show? Movie is probably Talladega Nights. If it’s on TV, no matter where it is in the movie, I can click on it and start watching it.

Favorite teacher? I’d probably say Mr. Broeker. He’s pretty laid back and he’s a pretty nice guy. He gets along with everybody pretty well.

Panther Profile is a series of interviews with Mt. Pleasant athletes currently in season. This season will focus on members of the Panther cross-country, football and volleyball teams.