Parson to Person

A divine appointment

John 4:4: “He had to go through Samaria on the way.”

What strikes me about this statement is that this was not a trip without a purpose. Jesus and the disciples purposely went by way of Samaria. Why? As we read on we discover that there was a woman in Samaria who needed to see Jesus. Jesus knew she was there and He wanted to give her an opportunity to get to know Him. We are led to believe that the disciples did not know about her. They were just traveling with Jesus learning all they could about Him and eternal life.

It reminds me that Jesus knows those who are lost and will go out of His way to confront them. He knows those who are lost and open to being found. He knows that all they need is to be presented with the truth of the Gospel. Because He is love, God reaches out to us when we need Him the most. No matter how unlovable we may be, He comes to us to offer us eternal life.

The woman He went to see was an immoral woman. She had been married five times and was then living with a man without being married to him. Yet, she was open to the truth. Scripture does not tell us what brought her to the point where she was open to the Gospel. Perhaps she had discovered just how unfulfilling her life of sin was. She knew she was not happy living the life that she was living. She needed something better; she needed God in her life.

We need to be careful that we don’t shut out those who we think are not “Gospel material.” We need to share the truth with everyone whom the Lord brings our way. We don’t know the heart of others. Perhaps, that one whom others would avoid and consider hopeless may just be the one who is ready to hear the truth and be saved. Don’t judge others because of what they have done. God puts people in our paths to be a light too. Don’t hide your light from them and perhaps be the one who causes them to slip into hell because you did not give them one more opportunity to be saved.