Letter to the editor

A few are destroying our immigrant policy and our wonderful USA is to blame

To the editor,

I support and honor our Mt. Pleasant folks that displayed such passionate feelings for the group of immigrants that were arrested in Mt. Pleasant while working on a job to support themselves and their families. However, this is only a tiny spot of decent folks that are not here to harm anyone but put in a position of being illegals because we, as a Nation, refuse to change a few laws and complete our border fence.

When an immigrant puts his foot on our soil he must be allowed to stay, and put on hold for further checking. With the thousands entering there is no way to separate those our Nation needs from the ones arrested each year for horrible crimes, anywhere from homicide to illegal drugs. This places a terrible burden on the folks that are entering with their only thought being to live and work in our great Nation.

Our real effort needs to be placed not only with the good folks, but removing our politicians that are against separating the needed good from the drug runners who are arrested each year, with the good and the bad lumped in the same arena.

My husband’s Grandfather entered the United States in the Mid-1800’s from Ireland with a different spelling of our name. I totally understand the need for immigration.


Iola Batey

Mt. Pleasant