Proposed city ordinance would permit occupation of RVs for up to two weeks

A proposed zoning ordinance would permit the occupation of RVs for up to two weeks and not to exceed 30 days in a year before it is considered a travel trailer park.

The ordinance would allow people time to occupy RVs but doesn’t allow the occupancy to last weeks, planning and zoning administrator Jack Swarm said during a Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

The ordinance has one exception — RVs are permitted to be occupied for up to three weeks during the time of the Old Threshers Reunion.

“We have basically a three-week period during Old Threshers where we know a lot of extra stuff is going to happen, there’s lots of extra campers and lots of extra things we wouldn’t put up with during the rest of the year,” Mayor Steve Brimhall said.

There will be two more readings of the ordinance before it passes.

The council also approved a site plan for an RV storage facility. The facility will be located at 500 N. Carnahan Street, which is an empty lot on the east side of the street and south of the railroad tracks.

Swarm said the facility will be a self-storage facility that will give people a place to keep their RVs instead of in the driveway.

“It’s a good site plan that complies with the ordinance, and I think it should be approved,” Swarm said.

For now, one building will be constructed, but the site plan shows six buildings for future development.

In other news, the city council passed a resolution approving the fee the city will charge for special duty police services. City administrator Brent Schleisman said that officers are occasionally hired for athletic events for crowd control or security for businesses. Every few years the city looks at the fee they charge for these services to make sure it’s beneficial to the department.

The council approved a fee of $50 per hour, which is an increase of $10. There is a three-hour minimum for any special duty police service, plus an administrative fee of $10. Special duty police services are conducted on a volunteer basis in the department.

“It’s a good service they provide, and our guys I don’t think mind doing it because it’s all volunteer,” Schleisman said.

The next Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.