Oakland Mills to get some paved parking spots, sidewalks

Roads Department continues drilling into frost boils

The Oakland Mills Nature Center and new cabins will be getting paved parking areas and walkways to improve accessibility.

The Nature Center will be getting 1,100 square feet of concrete, which will help older individuals and visitors with handicaps be more mobile around the conservation grounds, said John Pullis, director of the Henry County Conservation Department, during a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, April 9. This will create about three parking spots. The rest of the parking lot will remain gravel.

Two concrete parking spaces and sidewalks leading to the front doors also will be added to each of the new cabins, which will be available to rent later this year.

The Henry County Conservation Board accepted a bid from Bill Young Construction in Mt. Pleasant of $5,750 for the Nature Center parking lot and $6,857 for the parking spots and sidewalk during a meeting on Monday, April 8.

The Henry County Conservation Board also approved amended bylaws on Monday. Previously, officers were elected by systematic rotation. While this will still be the case, board members can pass if they do not wish to be elected as president or vice president and the next board member in line will be appointed.

Board members are not allowed to hold the same office for two consecutive years.

“This gives an out for someone who may not want to be the president or vice president,” Pullis said, adding that the change was made after one member voiced disinterest in serving as president.

Pullis also shared that naturalists with Oakland Mills Nature Center saw a record number of people — 2,394 — participate in their programs in March.

In other news, the Henry County Roads Department continued to drill into frost boils on gravel roads last week. Frost boils are created when frost in the gravel roads melts but can’t drain away because of compacted ground underneath the road.

The Roads Department also replaced cross-road pipe at the quarry, worked on brush removal under bridges and worked on a small ditching project near Rome.