NL superintendent held 'ransom' for snow day in video announcing 2-hour delay

NL one of many area schools to post a video announcing weather-related cancellation

It would seem that despite 5,000 views and 60 shares on Facebook, no one came to save New London superintendent Chad Wahls.

With the help of four senior students, Wahls made and released a video on the night of Wednesday, Feb. 6, announcing New London High School would have a two hour delay the following morning.

“We’ve got the superintendent,” said Keonate Luckett, a senior at New London High School. “Right now, school’s canceled for two hours. If someone doesn’t come get him, school’s canceled.”

On Thursday, Feb. 7, school was canceled.

This is one of many fun announcements area school staff have been releasing as snow and ice continues to cause school delays and cancellations. Wahls said the video announcement was an opportunity to humanize himself and connect with the students.

When he decided to make the video though, he knew he had to do something a little different.

“There’s been several videos out there with superintendents singing,” Wahls said. “But I can’t really carry a tune.”

In the 10-second video, four seniors stand around the superintendent who pretends to be restrained by a jump rope and a belt for baseball pants.

“The seniors have been wild (about the snow days),” Wahls said. “They don’t have to make those up as long as they’ve completed the requirements to graduate.”

So far, New London High School has had eight days of school canceled due to weather.

The video was filmed on National Signing Day, a the day when college football teams for the coming year are finalized. Wahls and the students had gotten together to celebrate Luckett, a lineback and running back for the New London football team, signing to play at the University of Iowa for the 2019-2020 school year.

When news of the delay came in, the group decided to make a fun video.

“I don’t really remember whose idea (the video) was,” said Mason Porter, one of the seniors in the video. “But I think (the snow days) are awesome.”

The video went up that night and by the next morning, the delay had turned into a full cancellation.

Friday, Feb. 8, the school board will hold a special session regarding the inclement weather days. Wahls expects the board to announce Presidents Day and April 22 will no longer be days off for students to make up for lost days. If this is approved by the board and there are no other cancellations, the last day of the school year for New London will be Thursday, June 6.