Mt. Union Community building sold for $11,100

Buyer says he wants to keep it a community center

The Mt. Union Community Center was sold to the highest bidder for $11,100 on Thursday.

Dean Vantiger, of the Yarmouth/Mt. Union area, purchased the building with plans to keep it as a community center and rent it out for activities, wedding showers, parties and family gatherings.

“It’s important to keep the community active, some sense of closeness,” Vantiger said following a Board of Supervisors meeting on Oct. 11. “We’ve lost the town, but there’s always the need, especially for families, to gather in one space and make it affordable for everyone to have that opportunity.”

Supervisors will have a resolution to sell the building on Tuesday, Oct. 16. At that time, money will be exchanged and Vantiger will be given the deed to the property.

Vantiger was one of five bids opened during the meeting. The highest bid was $10,000, leading Vantiger to engage in a bidding war increasing the bid to $11,100. This was the second round if bidding for the building. The first, set at a minimum of $30,000, received no bidders in September. To garner interest, supervisors lowered the minimum bid to $2,500.

The property is being sold on behalf of Iowa’s City Development Board. The money will be added to Mt. Union’s coffers, held by the Development Board, to help cover expenses incurred by the unincorporated city.

The property is estimated to be worth $52,000.