MP Fire Department awaits new rescue rig

MP city council approves bids, discusses sanitary sewer progress

The Mt. Pleasant Fire Department is anticipating getting their new rescue rig in the next week.

The Mt. Pleasant City Council approved the final change order for the purchase during a meeting on Wednesday, March 13. The change order was a simple safety addition — to add a grab handle at the top of the ladder for an additional $131.

Drew Schumacher, Mt. Pleasant fire chief, said that Alexis Fire Equipment will do a final inspection on the rig before delivering it Friday or next week.

The rest of the Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting was routine: the council approved awarding the low bidder the Bergdahl, Hill and Hayward street reconstruction project and discussed sanitary sewer work.

The city accepted bids for the Bergdahl Court and Hayward Circle project on Tuesday, March 12. The project is to improve the stormwater drainage structures and piping and remove and replace existing paving on those streets.

The low bidder for the project was Jones Contracting Corporation of West Point with a bid of $325,600. The estimated cost of the project was $380,000.

The city received four total bids for the project, which Mayor Steve Brimhall said were “very close.”

“Jones did downtown last spring and summer, and we were very pleased and looking forward to that,” said city counselor Kent White.

Municipal Pipe Tool Company LLC, of Hudson, is continuing lining and repairing sanitary sewers in Mt. Pleasant. So far, they have completed about half of the repairs and lining is up to 40 percent complete.

“They’ve got some critical pieces lined,” Jim Warner said. “We’ve solved some problems we had never been able to (address). We’re making progress.”