Maintenance offering curbside removal of Christmas trees

Santa has come and gone, presents have been opened and the time to take down the tree has arrived. Luckily for residents in Washington and Mt. Pleasant that had a real tree this year, they do not have to take it far to get it disposed of.

In Washington, residents have a couple of options. Maintenance and Construction Supervisor for the city, JJ Bell, says a barricade has been put up on the square for people to drop their trees off, free of charge. The trees will then be transported to the wastewater plant to be disposed of. Those who are able can also drop their trees off at the plant.

Bell would like to remind residents that the trees are up for grabs if anyone would like to take them to use for habitat in their personal ponds or waterways.

“Another thing people can do is put it on the corner closest to where they live,” he said. He would like to warn citizens to be careful not to cover up fire hydrants, but to drag the discarded trees to the corner for pickup.

No matter where the tree is being deposited, he said all tinsel, ornaments and other materials need to be removed before disposal. The barricade and curbside pickup will be open until Jan. 10.

Similar is the practice for Mt. Pleasant, said City Administrative Assistant Hannah Guck.

“They’ll just put it out on the front of their curb; there’s no sticker required,” she said.

Trees will be removed on the residents’ regular trash day and weather pending, will be picked up the second week of January. She also would like to remind all citizens to remove lights, ornaments and bulbs from the trees, as they are ground, then used for mulch for city walking trails.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call City Hall or maintenance.