HC departments prepare for FY20

As fiscal year 2019 comes to a close as of June 30, department directors with Henry County updated supervisors on what is happening in their offices during a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, July 2.

Ana Lair, Henry County treasurer, hosted a “show and tell,” revealing Iowa’s new blackout license plates, which became available July 1.

Lair said that the blackout plates were approved by the Legislature this year because of a demand from Iowa residents. The plates must be ordered through the Department of Transportation’s website. The plates cost $35 for a standard plate or $60 for a personalized plate.

All funds collected go to the state Road Use Tax Fund, which helps fund state, county and city road and bridge projects.

John Pullis, director of Henry County Conservation, announced that South Shore and Water Works campgrounds opened on Tuesday, July 2, after being cleaned up from flooding.

“It’s open, it’s safe; if it rains, all bets are off. It will turn back into a ‘slime hole’ of what it was before,” Pullis said.

Pullis said he was against opening Water Works campground, which is already prone to flooding, and instructed hosts to make it very apparent to campers at Water Works that they are responsible for digging themselves out of the mud if rain floods the campground again.

Pullis said Water Works campground was opened to “appease” a few campers who were complaining about it being closed.

Henry County supervisors also approved an annual agreement with the Fellowship Cup to provide general assistance to residents.

Henry County General Assistance will pay the Fellowship Cup $500 a month for basic food purchases and purchase an annual membership for the Food Bank of Southern Iowa.

In return, the Fellowship Cup will provide a copy of the annual food assistance budget to the Henry County General Assistance director, Sarah Berndt, 30 days before the start of the budget year.

The Fellowship Cup also will provide assistance to residents of Henry County who meet an established standard of need, solicit community contributions to the food pantry and bill Henry County General Assistance Office monthly before the 10th of every month following the month of service.