County roads see minor damage in flooding last week

Henry County roads saw minor damage last week as the heavy fall rains led to flooding in some areas, and County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss anticipates mud tracked onto the roads as harvest season continues.

Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss said they were fortunate to have as little damage as they did in last week’s flooding. As the river goes down, the Roads Department will continue to assess if there is any additional damage to roads. They will address additional mud tracked onto the roads as best they can with farmers harvesting this week.

“I know farmers are going to be pushing to get stuff out, and ideal conditions are not what we’re encountering,” Hotchkiss said during a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

All roads are open now except for the Henry-Jefferson County line south of Merrimac Road. 253rd Street saw some damage but was opened last Friday. The Roads Department worked on removing logs and trees off 253rd Street to open it to traffic. They will be blading and spotting the road later this week.

Other road closures were on Nebraska Avenue south of Winfield Avenue, which is a common flooding area. Hotchkiss said he is looking into future construction plans to eliminate that in the county engineering five-year plan.

Asphalt has begun to be placed on Mediapolis Road from the east end of the project to the west. Iowa Bridge and Culvert poured the remaining barrel section on 200th Street on Friday. They are waiting on cure time and will start backfilling late this week and into the next.

Benton Avenue south of Merrimac Road is closed as the contractor begins working on removal of existing twin box culverts this week.

Last week, the Roads Department focused their efforts on blading, hauling resurfacing rock and working on signs as dreary weather persisted. Resurfacing rock was hauled to Tippecanoe Township, Trenton Township and New London Township.