Class of 2019 reflects on the meaning of family at MP Christian School

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Levi Moberg, left, and Delanee Arnold are the two graduates from Mt. Pleasant Christian School’s Class of 2019. They will graduate on Saturday, May 25. Arnold is valedictorian and Moberg is salutatorian.
Submitted photo Levi Moberg, left, and Delanee Arnold are the two graduates from Mt. Pleasant Christian School’s Class of 2019. They will graduate on Saturday, May 25. Arnold is valedictorian and Moberg is salutatorian.

One of the most meaningful things Delanee Arnold got to do at Mt. Pleasant Christian School was give back to second- through fifth-grade girls by leading their cheer squad and mentoring them.

“It’s been nice to get to be in their lives and mentor them,” said Arnold, Class of 2019 valedictorian. “They kind of look up to me. We did cheer, but we also tried to do other stuff to encourage the players.”

Arnold will be taking her memories of working with the elementary age girls with her to Evangel University in Springfield, Mo., where she plans to attend college this fall.

Arnold has attended Mt. Pleasant Christian since kindergarten, and she said it will be hard to leave what feels like a family.

“I love our school,” Arnold said. “Most of our teachers, they’re also your friend. If you need life advice, you can just talk with them and they love to talk with you, pray for you and encourage you.”

Arnold said that the smallness of Mt. Pleasant Christian School actually gave them the potential to experience more and learn in a fun environment. During their last week of classes, they made a blanket fort in English class that covered half the room, she said.

Mt. Pleasant Christian is also big on service, she said.

“I feel like that’s been ingrained in me, and I’ll take that with me and have a good work ethic,” Arnold said.

Arnold’s advice to younger students is that a little positivity goes a long way.

“I was pretty negative about stuff in middle school,” Arnold said. “Whenever I encountered some minor thing like I didn’t get homework done or had a bad grade, I was devastated. It felt like the end of the world.

“In high school, I realized it’s hard and there’s a lot of stuff you’re going to go through, but being positive through it helps it go a lot better,” Arnold continued. “Everyone is going to encounter struggles. Just looking at the positive side and choosing to be joyful makes it a lot easier.”

Arnold’s favorite subjects in school were science, particularly chemistry. Her teacher, Dixie Moberg, is really passionate about everything she does, Arnold said.

That passion is why Arnold is considering going into biomedical research. While she loves Mt. Pleasant, she isn’t sure she will be able to pursue that career in this area.

“You kind of have to be in a bigger city to find good research facilities. That would be the only reason I would have to live in a different city,” Arnold said.

Arnold feels prepared for college. She’s already met her roommate and visited campus several times, but she also knows she’s going to miss Mt. Pleasant.

“It will be nice to come back on breaks. I love our small town,” she said.

Levi Moberg graduates salutatorian of Mt. Pleasant Christian School’s Class of 2019. He said that he’s had a lot of mentors since starting at the Christian school when he was a third-grade student.

“It’s really like being home-schooled with 10 moms and 70 siblings,” Moberg said.

Moberg’s favorite subjects were Tim Hill’s history classes.

“He is so passionate about his love for this country and relating everything back to the Bible,” Moberg said.

Moberg’s favorite memory from high school is going to Chicago with the Class of 2018 seniors.

“It was a really fun time to get out of Mt. Pleasant and see something you don’t normally get to,” Moberg said.

He feels prepared for college, saying that he’s gotten a “top-notch” education at Mt. Pleasant Christian School.

Moberg also will be attending Evangel University where he will study Biblical Studies. While he’s a little nervous, he’s also excited to experience life beyond his small town.

Even so, Moberg said he loves Mt. Pleasant and has no problem with the idea of moving back. It’s up to God and wherever he’s called to be a minister, he said.

“If God wants me back in Mt. Pleasant, that’s where I’ll be in four years,” Moberg said. “I’m keeping my options open because I’m not sure where I’m supposed to land.”

Moberg said the advice he would give to younger students is for them to be themselves. There’s a lot of pressure in high school to fit into a social clique, he said.

“There’s something unique and special about all of us, and it would be really sad if the world missed that because you tried to hide it,” Moberg said.