Your Friend on the Front Page

Emily Galusha
Emily Galusha

Every week, the Mt. Pleasant News will feature a Henry County resident in a profile snapshot. This week’s friend is Emily Galusha, whom you may know from the Mt. Pleasant Casey’s general store.

Are you originally from Mt. Pleasant/Henry County? If not, what brought you here? I am not originally from Mt. Pleasant. I moved here when I was six. My dad, Ron Galusha, was transferred here for work.

What is your favorite part of living here? My favorite part about living here is the wonderful, nice community.

What is your favorite local hangout? The Pressbox for their outdoor arena, and great food and drinks.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to read in my free time.

What is your favorite springtime activity? I love to go golfing.

What is the one thing that you’ve not tried that you would like to? Bungee jumping.

Is there something Mt. Pleasant doesn’t have that you’d like to see? A public dog park.

What do you think is Henry County’s trademark? Besides all the history that has taken place in this county, it’s totally cliche, but Old Threshers. It really does blow my mind, the amount of people it still attracts to this town.

What is what dish or drink that reminds you of Mt. Pleasant? A tenderloin from Butch’s.