Your friend on the front page

Ellen Spence
Ellen Spence

Every week, the Mt. Pleasant News will feature a Henry County resident in a profile snapshot. The questions will appear in bold. This week’s friend is Ellen Spence, whom you may know from West Liberty Foods.

Are you originally from Mt. Pleasant/Henry County? If not, what brought you here?

No, I’m from Jefferson County but I moved here when I got married.

What is your favorite part of living here?

The small town.

What is your favorite place to hangout?

Saunders park

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read and sometimes sew and plant in my garden.

What is your favorite fall activity?

Putting the lawnmower in the garage for the last time.

What’s one thing you’ve not tried but would like to?

Going on a cruise.

Is there something Henry County doesn’t have that you’d like to see?

More retail clothing shops.

What is one dish or drink that reminds you of Henry County? Tenderloins or the pizza at Jerry’s. Everyone needs the pizza at Jerry’s.

What is the trademark of Mt. Pleasant/Henry County?

Of course it’s Old Threshers.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I graduated from Iowa Wesleyan and St. Ambrose with an MBA.