WACO hard bus routes

WACO CSD is publishing Hard Surface Bus Routes for the 2018-19 school year. These routes will NOT be used until further announcements are made through regular media channels.

All in town bus stops will remain. In the event WACO elects to use the Hard Surface Routes, notifications will be distributed through regular media outlets. Please note that stope times will be affected, those wishing to know anticipated bus times can check maps from the following sources:

WACO Alert System (text or email)

KCII Radio 106.1 FM 1380 AM

KILJ Radio 105.5 FM 1130 AM

KCRG TV 9 News

KWQC TV 6 News

Parents may visti to determine their child’s bus stop. Questions or concerns may be directed to the bus Barn: 319-653-3695