Scribblers shared stories and memories

The Scribblers meeting was held at the home of Martha Wiley on Monday, March 18. President Karen Osborne called the meeting to order, with ten members present.

The minutes were read and approved. Treasurer Marilyn Vincent reported on the balance in the treasury. The group reviewed the constitution and the bylaws, and no changes were made. There were several corrections made to the members list, updating email addresses and adding an email. Concerning the upcoming elections, the vote will be held at the May meeting. A nominating committee of Martha Wiley and Claudia Streeter was formed.

Ann Porter shared with the group that there was an art show in Ft. Madison in which she had some work exhibited. The exhibit is on display until the end of March. Ann will contact President Karen regarding the address in Ft. Madison. The possibility of publishing an anthology was discussed, and a decision will be made next month.

The program for the evening was shared writing. Ann Porter read a selection called “Addiction,” dealing with her addiction to games and hobbies, especially Sudoku.

Martha Wiley read a piece, continuing with the theme of childhood memories begun last meeting. Her selection was titled, “Good Evening, Dr. Frankenstein.”

“February’s Angry Arrival” was read by Marilyn Vincent. It dealt with loud noises while temperatures were dropping.

Rita Davis read, “Giving and Receiving,” about picking a gift for a granddaughter graduating from college.

Kathy Wiley read a fantasy written for a writing contest at the University of Iowa describing the adventures of Bianca Jingleshine, who had stayed too long at a Minnesota Renaissance festival.

Karen Osborne read a selection she had written for Lyrical Iowa 2007, titled “A Father’s Hands.” She recently wrote another poem on the same theme, called “A Mother’s Hands.”

Waunita Hobbie read a journal entry from the summer of 1985, describing the final event of the Mt. Pleasant Sesquicentennial celebration, which was the compiling of a time capsule.

Refreshments were served by the hostess and co-hostess Ann Porter.