Scribblers October meeting minutes

Eight Scribblers met at the home of Mary Shy on Oct. 15.

President Karen Osborn called the business meeting to order. The September minutes were read and approved. Treasurer Marilyn Vincent reported on the balance in the treasury.

In new business, the plans for the Christmas dinner were discussed. The group will meet at Grandma’s Front Porch in Rome on Dec. 17 at 6 p.m. for dinner and the meeting.

Ann Porter gave the program for the evening. Her subject was the importance of mood and atmosphere in creativity. Whether in the visual arts, music, or the written word, all have different perspectives and perceptions. The senses play a very important part in interpreting our environment. For example, the sense of smell helps the sense of taste. It can also warn people and draw attention to something. In writing, using words that appeal to the sense of touch, can clarify thoughts. Words appealing to the sense of hearing and the sense of taste, can create sharp images. Ann also discussed how musical artists use music to set the mood of a particular work, to create suspense, for example. The artistic vision comes from within and over time, uses experience and failure, before creating. Creativity also uses techniques and theories, and it is about answers we must find for ourselves.

“Music is what feelings sound like, and paintings are what feelings look like.” The artist has an idea, using what he has experienced, and the people who appreciate the art will use their experiences as well.

As an exercise, Ann showed several paintings and asked members to write a reaction, which were then read and discussed.

Refreshments consisting of festively decorated cookies were served by the hostess and co-hostess Mary Ann Freeland.

Next month, the group will meet with Karen Osborn at her home in New London on Nov. 19. Members will carpool.