Letter to the editor

Concerns of waste in area

Dear Editor,

At a November meeting of the Henry County Board of Supervisors the crime wave at the New London rural waste site drew attention. It seems another miscreant citizen(s) deposited a trash bag(s) at the site before scheduled arrival of the dump truck.

Thousands of rural citizens value this long-standing service at four sites countywide. Paid for with their local-option sales tax dollars the service is credited with beautifying Henry County and promoting recycling.

Every now and then someone fails to follow the rules. The deviant(s) in this case have been apprehended likely from the address on their junk mail. Their fate now rests in the hands of the county attorney.

Fifteen months ago when the supervisors heard of a similar illicit caper I conducted clandestine surveillance of all four sites. Clothed in undercover concerned citizen garb I staked out each location fifteen minutes before scheduled truck arrival.

From the alarm of the contractor that had been conveyed at the supes courthouse confines I expected a mountain of garbage.

What did I find? Nothing! Not even an errant beer can. For dump sites … clean as a whistle!

Sanitation sleuth supervisor Marc Lindeen says the county will address this further. Good! The January public hearing budget process is a place to start. As all three supervisors live in Mt. Pleasant and do not use the service they might invite the views of those who do.

Dave Helman, Salem