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The summer hours for the Hillsboro Library will be Monday and Wednesday 5 to 7 p.m., and Friday 2 to 4 p.m. These hours start Wednesday, May 22. The library will be closed Monday, May 20 and May 27. Come in and check out a movie from the library. Recently purchased movies include: Game Night, The Mule and A Star Is Born. New books include: A Justified Murder by Jude Deveraux, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, Becoming by Michele Obama and Two Weeks by Karen Kingsbury.

News from Cheryl and Richard Bell: On Sunday, Cheryl and a friend, Marti Lieb from Burlington drove to Wapello to hear Richard and Cheryl’s son, Mark Bell, preach at the

Presbyterian Church there. His sermon was titled “Because He Lives.” Mark began by singing the song of that same title, written by Bill Gaither. He invited the congregation to join him. Many did. His sermon had three main points: The Power, the Presence, and the Purpose of Christ. His main Scripture reference was Luke 24:36-48.

Richard and Cheryl continue to enjoy the therapeutic pool at GRMC as often as possible. Richard is also attending physical therapy sessions there. Cheryl spent several nights in Burlington with Mark and his family. On Tuesday, she watched the children, Samuel and Clara Jo, while Mark and Courtney went to the movie “Breakthrough.” It is the true story of a young man from Missouri, who fell through the ice and was trapped for a length of time. His mother’s prayers were answered positively. He survived.

Samuel and Grama made pistachio salad using Ella Burns recipe. Samuel actually prefers to eat the ingredients separately before they are mixed together. After supper, Samuel and Clara Jo made something called “Samuel’s Sweet Dessert.” It was their own recipe consisting of peanut butter, honey, marshmallow crème and a dash of maple syrup. Grama stopped them before they put in white sugar. Fortunately, they made a very small batch.

Clara Jo’s class at Great River Christian School has been learning the sign language alphabet, and a few signs. Each student has learned to fingerspell his or her own first name. Cheryl helped them practice “Jesus Loves Me” and the Bible verse John 3:16 in sign language. They are planning to sing and sign at their K-4 Graduation later this month.

Richard loves to read, and has just finished Jules Verne’s novel, From the Earth to the Moon. Jules Verne was one of the first science fiction authors. One wonders what he would say about what happened on July 20 fifty years ago this year. Richard really enjoyed the book, and recommends it.

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