YouTube Goes Local With Location Tagging for Uploads and Live Streams

LOS ANGELES  - YouTube now allows creators to tag their video uploads and live streams with locations, which in turn makes it possible for viewers to find videos and streams by location. The new feature was announced together with a number of other YouTube Live updates Monday.

YouTube?s mobile app now automatically suggests to add location tags whenever a user uploads a video or starts a live stream. These tags are based on the phone?s physical location, and can include cities, districts or even local businesses and landmarks. Anyone who doesn?t want to add a location to their videos can still do so as well.

Any submitted location is included in a video?s YouTube page, and users can click on it to find other videos from the same location. ?You can also use the location filter on the search results page to find other videos from a specific spot,? explained YouTube?s live video product lead Kurt Wilms in a blog post.

YouTube?s embrace of local search is significant, especially for live streams. Both Twitter?s Periscope and Snapchat have been using location tagging and maps for some time, and the feature has proven to be a great discovery mechanism for spontaneous live events, including the recent nationwide student walkouts against gun violence.

Snapchat even recently used maps as a way to bring Stories to the web. However, a YouTube spokesperson told Variety that there are currently no plans to add a map to the service.