Your Friend on the Front Page

Every week, the Mt. Pleasant News will feature a Henry County resident in a profile snapshot. The questions will appear in bold.

This week?s ?Friend on the Front Page? is Tan Ho, whom you may know as a pharmacist at Capstone Pharmacy.

Are you originally from Mt. Pleasant? If not, what brought you here? No ? I?m from Coralville. I was the manager in the Mt. Pleasant Walmart since 2003 then opened my own here in 2015.

What is your favorite part of living here? The close-knit community. Every one is community minded and friendly.

What is your favorite local hangout? The downtown, the square.

What do you like to do in your free time? Relax and do my artwork if I have some time.

What?s your favorite summertime activity? Taking my nephew to the movies

What?s your ideal vacation? Somewhere I can go to relax and where there?s a lake.

Is there something Mt. Pleasant doesn?t have that you?d like to see? I guess, from a business sense, more big businesses. We?ve lost a few but I hope a few more come in and help us expand the town.

What do you think is Mt. Pleasant?s trademark? The friendliness and small town atmosphere. It?s one thing I like about Mt. Pleasant, the friendliness. I mean it?s in the name of the town.

What?s one dish or drink that reminds you of Mt. Pleasant? Anything I can get on the square. I like the options.

Tell us something interesting about you. I used to own a Chinese restaurant. I like to cook and I?m a busy body so I like to do lots of things.