Your Friend on the Front Page

Every week, the Mt. Pleasant News will feature a Henry County resident in a profile snapshot. The questions will appear in bold.

This week?s ?Friend on the Front Page? is Timber Roden, whom you may know from Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance.

Are you originally from Mt. Pleasant? If not, what brought you here? I moved up here from Columbia, Mo. My fiancé was offered a job right out of college to work for Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB) on the Illinois side of the river. I found a Human Resources job here in Mt. Pleasant and decided it was time to make a scenic change.

What is your favorite part of living here? The charm the community has. I love the city, but something about a small town and its charm just feels comforting. Everyone knows your name.

What do you like to do in your free time? My fiancé and I do a lot of road trips to visit family or college friends that are scattered all over the Midwest.

Is there something Mt. Pleasant doesn?t have that you?d like to see? A Chipotle? That is probably the one restaurant I miss the most from living in a college town.

What is your favorite spring time activity? I felt like this year it was important for me to try and have a ?green thumb?. I have been working on getting into planting and flowers more. Kind of need that skill set since I am marrying a farmer.

Tell us something interesting about you? I have been learning to make ?goat milk? soap as a hobby.