Your Friend on the Front Page: Cathy Hopkins

Every week, the Mt. Pleasant News will feature a Henry County resident in a profile snapshot. The questions will appear in bold.

This week?s ?Friend on the Front Page? is Cathy Hopkins, whom you may know from Quilters Paradise.

Are you originally from Mt. Pleasant? If not, what brought you here? No, I?m from upper Michigan. I came to start a new life with my husband. We had only planned to stay a few years and now we have been here for 26 years.

What is your favorite part of living here? My favorite part of living here is the small town living and being able to find everything we need here in one place.

What is your favorite local hangout? My favorite hangout is my shop, Quilters Paradise. I love being here, spending time teaching and creating.

What do you like to do in your free time? When you own your own business, you don?t get a lot of free time, but quilting is my passion.

Is there an annual event in Mt. Pleasant that you enjoy? Old Threshers would be the event I enjoy the most. In the past 17 years, I?ve made so many friends. I look forward to seeing them come back every year.

Is there something Mt. Pleasant doesn?t have that you would like to see? I would like to see more small business owners.

What do you think is a Mt. Pleasant trademark? I would like to say Old Threshers is the biggest trademark. Everyone you talk to knows where Old Threshers is held.

What is one dish or drink that reminds you of Mt. Pleasant? My favorite place to eat and order from is Papa George?s ? small business and family owned.

Tell us something interesting about you.  I have four children, five granddaughters and eight active military members in my family. I have owned my quilt shop for 17 and a half years.