Writers say adopting college student was a good decision, urges others to do the same

To the editor:

Three years ago, IWC (now University) was asking people to ?adopt? a college student so they would have a place to call home.

We ?adopted? Aaron, a young man from California here on a football scholarship.

What a journey we have had.

That one young man turned into four young men with four girlfriends, so we had at least eight every Sunday for dinners after church. Week nights, who knows.

Three of the couples are married (one with a little girl and one expecting in November). The young man who started this will be married on Oct. 3. Batting 1,000 not bad.

They have all been such a blessing to us.

If you want to experience an unusual blessing, ?adopt? a college student. It is a win-win situation.

We aren?t young people (82 and 89) but these young people keep you young in heart.


Vern and Carolyn Dorothy