Writer voted for bond referendum during early voting

To the editor:

Regarding the letter from former board members opposing the bond issue, I?m dismayed they would take this position. As former board members, they should know that the $4.8 million in the ?slush fund? is earmarked for things like bus leases, food service and other items. It cannot be used for capital investments, such as renovations and air conditioning. Their lack of support for the referendum is indicative of an attitude of failure.

While the surrounding districts continue to make improvements in their structures and educational programs, Mt. Pleasant sticks its head in the sand, refusing to see the need to change with the times. My son opted to leave the area because he could see that educational opportunities for his son were greatly limited and sending a child to school in buildings that are not up to code is not acceptable.

Have these ?no, not now? voters actually spent time in our elementary schools while classes are in session? Air conditioning is not the only issue. Students are being taught in the hallways of our elementary schools because of lack of adequate space in the classrooms. The electrical systems in these schools are out-dated and cannot adequately and safely support the technology needs of today, let alone air conditioning. We don?t have safe and secure entrances to our buildings. Would these people live in their houses for 50 years and make no upgrades or improvements?

Voters need to realize the issue is about the learning conditions for our children and teachers now. We have excellent teachers?why not give them the tools they need now? Some say that teachers have poor working conditions because of the leadership, as ?evidenced? by a no-confidence vote of 99 teachers.

How many teachers actually teach in the Mt. Pleasant district? I believe the number is closer to 200 than 100. What do those other teachers say? Has anyone asked them? The leadership can change drastically in the next few years but will our schools?

I haven?t heard any plans for improvement from the SOS group, just criticism. Where are their plans for supporting our schools? Where was their concern for improving the elementary schools before now? Our elementary schools did not suddenly become obsolete overnight. We need to consider what is best for the students of Mt. Pleasant now. I?m thinking about the children and their future, and I voted ?yes? when early voting began. I urge you to do the same.

Sherrill Orndorff Medeiros

Mt. Pleasant