Writer plans wedding


Mt. Pleasant News

In preparing for my upcoming (I use that term loosely, as the event is over a year away) wedding, my fiancé, Scott, and I are trying to figure out the logistical stuff, such as where we will live. It?s getting pretty comical.

There is a book I remember reading when I was little about a country mouse and a city mouse. That book would pretty much sum up the majority of our conversations.

With me growing up in Winfield and Scott growing up in the Coralville/Iowa City area, I am sure you can guess which person is which mouse.

Coming from Winfield, I view Mt. Pleasant as a large town. Scott sees it as a small town.

I think that living close to town means shops are within walking distance, however he thinks ?close? means within 30 minutes of your destination.

Luckily, we have plenty of time before we tie the knot and we are both open to new adventures for wherever life takes us together.

I will say, planning this wedding has been much less stressful than I had heard it would be. My older cousins prepared me for the worst.

Vendors (so far) have been a joy to work with, and it probably helps that I am trying to get as many vendors and wedding purchases done locally. I have found (in more than just wedding shopping) that shopping locally usually yields better results and is a much more fun experience than going to some huge chain store and being treated like a number.

As far as my upcoming wedding is concerned, shopping locally means that ?the big day? becomes even more special. Instead of buying a dress from some mega-store in a big city from someone who will forget my name the minute I walk out the door, I bought my dress from someone who knows me and is just as excited for my wedding as I am. Well, she probably isn?t quite as excited as I am, but it was nice to share my excitement with someone I know.

Aside from the actual joining of two people, I think (and Scott agrees) that weddings should also be about the people who have been there for the couple over the years to shape the couple into the who they are.

Shopping locally for the big day simply means, to me, that the people I will need to be able to trust to help with the details of this event are people I know I can actually trust, because ? like the man in charge of the music for my reception ? I have known them my entire life.

If I think about it, I?m not really hiring vendors for the wedding, I?m hiring friends. I think that is how it should be.