Woman gives thanks to helpful owner of Mt. Pleasant Electric

To the editor:

Last August, my brother, Gary Sammons, passed away unexpectedly. My family lost a husband, brother, son, father, uncle and grandfather. We, of course, miss him dearly. We relied on him for many things.

This became more evident this past Monday morning. Mom, who is almost 90 and still living in the family home, called wanting advice on who to contact to reattach the cap of her security light. It was dangling in the strong wind and she was concerned rain and snow could get into the electrical circuitry, possibly ruining the light. The security light is mounted on an antique streetlight pole, which is quite tall and fairly narrow at the top. Repairs are difficult because a ladder tends to rotate around the pole. It has blown off a few times in the past but brother Gary was always able to borrow his employer?s boom truck and reattach the cap.

The light has sentimental value for Mom. After building their home in 1959, Mom and Dad thought the property was too dark at night. My dad, who passed away in 1981, was a long time employee of Mt. Pleasant Utilities. He purchased the pole from the City, moved it to our home, secured it in a handmade concrete base and attached the light. This light has kept our family ?secure? for a lot of years!

I told Mom to try calling Todd Mabeus, Gary?s former boss and owner/manager of Mt. Pleasant Electric. Perhaps Todd would send someone over with the boom truck the next time they had it out. The temps that day were barely above zero with wind chills far below so we certainly didn?t expect anyone to come that day.

Mom was shocked when, that very afternoon, Todd himself showed up with the boom truck. He worked entirely too long in that strong, frigid wind trying to attach the cap. It turns out the screws were stripped and permanent repair wasn?t possible at that time. He temporarily secured it and promised to come back the next day. First thing the next morning, Mom looked out her bedroom window and, there was Todd with the truck, finishing the job! Mom dressed and hurried outside to thank Todd. She told him she?d make this right with him. Todd replied, ?Don?t worry about it.?

It?s been a difficult year and I certainly wish things were different. I wish Gary would have been here to help Mom with her light. He probably would have grumbled (a lot) about it but would have taken care of it for her.

Thank you, Todd, for coming to Mom?s rescue! You not only took time out of your busy day but worked precariously high in the bucket of a boom truck on one of the coldest, windiest days of the year to help Mom! You have made losing Gary a bit easier.

I want Mt. Pleasant to know how lucky they are to call you one of their own. You are definitely one of the good ones!



Sue (Sammons) Hill

Iowa City