Wisdom Quest is ready to lead with AEA program

By Karyn Spory, Mt. Pleasant News


Wisdom Quest Principal Tyler Rodgers is excited for the possibilities awaiting his students who participate in the Great Prairie Area Education Agency?s iLead Program.

?Earlier this year, Laura (Williams) had approached me at Wisdom Quest about the iLead program, which she is heading for the AEA in this area. The premise is it?s trying to get students engaged with the business community and partner with them on different projects,? Rodgers told the school board Monday night.

Rodgers said a fair amount of the curriculum at Wisdom Quest is APEX or on the computer. Participating in the iLead program would allow students to get out into the community and have a hands-on learning experience.

New London and Danville Community School Districts are participating in the iLead program. Williams said right now students are working with Bickles Cycling, in Burlington, on two different projects. The first is developing an advertisement for the radio. The second project is a bike safety initiative between a Burlington High School and elementary school.

iLead was a pilot program at New London and Danville Community Schools and so far, Williams says the program has been a great success. She hopes iLead could build bridges between different districts in the future.

Students who participate in the program have the freedom to explore their passions while still receiving school credit, developing 21st Century skills and creating a real network. Williams said she was most interested in reaching out to Wisdom Quest because of the community development and relationship skills the students will learn. ?I?m particulary interested in Wisdom Quest because those kids need solid relationships,? she said. ?If we can get the community involved, maybe some of them won?t slip through the cracks and maybe they?re not designed to follow in their parent?s footsteps or whatever experiences they were presented in their life.?

Right now, there are two students signed up for the program. ?We?ll start with two, make it as best as we can for them,? said Rodgers. ?We?ll learn from it and hopefully they?ll like it, tell their friends and we?ll get more (signed up) next year.?

Williams will be looking for businesses to also participate in the program.