Winter activities help fight the gloom of cold weather


Mt. Pleasant News

We all know by now that I really despise winter, so I?ve been thinking of ways that could maybe make it less, well, deplorable.

So, here it goes. Upon thinking about this at length, I?ve created a list of things one could do to make winter seem, well, fun!

First off, let?s start with a snowball fight. Go outside, take the family, and create some snowballs and begin! Run around the yard, which has another benefit, exercise!

Other possibilities would be to build a snowman, a snow fort, go sledding, skiing/snowboarding (if you have the funds), make a snow angel or even catch snowflakes on your tongue (if the weather permits).

Then, go inside after the outdoor activities and drink some warm hot chocolate, curl up in the blankets and watch a movie. Choose a family favorite and be swept into the world of another while you warm up your chilled bones.

If going outside isn?t your thing (like me), then you could bake cookies, a pie or even make a big batch of chili and share with friends.

Reading a book is always a great winter activity as well, especially if you have a fireplace to curl up in front of. Puzzles are a great way to spend time, or even board games with family and friends.

There are actually quite a few things that can be done in the winter to help those who dislike it stay active. Other activities could include shopping, going to a movie, going to a skating rink, having friends over for drinks and much more. This is the time of year for football, so hold football parties and enjoy friendly competition with friends and family.

A friend told me recently that their family tradition was to go outside in the snow, with a fire going in the backyard, and play football. My friend said it was a lot of fun and it was great exercise, because they had to tromp through the snow.

Find something that you would enjoy and make your winter more enjoyable. Have fun, invite your friends and family, and have a safe holiday season!

See you around the community!