Winfield looking for $493K before beginning construction on new swimming pool

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


The Crooked Creek Days committee is throwing Winfield city council members in jail ? as a fundraiser, that is.

During the Winfield City Council meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 13, Mayor Chris Finnell said that the Crooked Creek Days committee was present to talk to the city council about fundraising opportunities. Crooked Creek Days is a yearly three-day festival in August to celebrate the town. As a part of fundraising for fireworks and other activities that weekend, city council members agreed to be thrown in jail. They have to raise $1,000 total to get out.

While the Crooked Creek Days committee raises money for the town event in August, the city council continues to raise funding for Winfield?s new swimming pool. Council members attended the Iowa Economics Development Committee on Wednesday to talk about the Community Attraction and Tourism Grant (CAT) that will help get the swimming pool project funded.

Finnell said that before the town is awarded the $250,000 CAT grant, they must meet a requirement of raising another $493,000 in addition to the $750,000 they have already raised. The entire project is estimated to cost a little over $1.5 million.

?Our little community is really getting hit hard for all the fundraising we have been doing,? Finnell said. ?We don?t really have a deadline. We don?t want it to last forever, but we would like to go into construction as soon as possible,? he continued, saying he has a goal of having the money by July.

To continue fundraising for the swimming pool, Finnell said the council will do a door-to-door campaign and are looking for commitments for donations, whether that be monthly donations or annual or quarterly donations. ?Whatever people are comfortable doing,? Finnell said. ?We would like to get three or four years-worth. That kind of commitment.?

In other news, the city is in the process of purchasing the building for the telepharmacy, which Finnell hopes to have up and running by February. He said they are in discussion with the pharmacist over the partnership agreement ? whether the pharmacist herself will own the building, rent it from the city, or a third party will purchase it and she will rent it from them.

Before closing the meeting, Finnell took time to thank Jan Walter and Ryan Rees for their service on city council as outgoing members. Richard Lauderdale and Jennifer Wade were sworn in.

?Ryan and Jan have been really good members of our council, and I really have enjoyed working with them,? Finnell said. ?I wish them good luck moving forward.?

The next Winfield City Council meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 10.