When no one leads

God reminds us there is a season for everything. A time to be born, a time to die; a time to gather and a time to scatter; a time for sowing and a time for reaping.

Trying to accomplish certain things is much harder in the wrong season. As the school year kicks into high gear, it?s easy to recognize seasons in our lives. Few are taking vacation now, it would cause difficulty for families with kids in school, and activities like volleyball, football, band and cross-country. The timing would certainly be off.

It?s true in leadership, too. It?s much easier to lead when there is momentum, growth is happening and morale is up. But what happens when those three elements are missing?

This is when leadership is raw and in its purest form. When it must be able to inspire momentum, create growth and raise morale. In the Bible there was a time when there was no leader. Judges 21:25 says, ?There was no King in Israel in those days, and everyone did that which was right in his own eyes.? This verse reminds us how chaotic a nation can be without leadership or how difficult it is to build a team if everyone does what they think is right.

Notice seven things that happen when no one leads:

First, chaos always reigns when there is no standard for authority or accountability.

Second, enemies become aggressive when they sense no one is in charge or people don?t honor who is in charge.

Third, without leadership, there were no funds for Israel to defend itself or provide safety. Each was on his own.

Fourth, other leaders of nations influenced Israel with their idol gods and superstitions.

Fifth, former heroes like Moses and Joshua were dead. And no one had stepped up to lead and guide the nation.

Sixth, since there wasn?t a leadership position to fill, there was no expectation or hope in front of the people.

Seventh, momentum and morale were low, so any growth or causing even good change was very hard and not easy.

I think how many boundaries have been moved or changed concerning authority. For example, fathers are often absent in homes or reject the responsibilities they have. Children are left with a vacancy of authority and accountability in their lives. Multiple studies reveal without the loving authority figure of a Father, children struggle in education, crime, immorality, teen pregnancy, and many more areas.

Fathers are not leading, boundaries are moved, everyone does what they think is right. I also notice how many boundaries have been run over in morality. The church?s voice is almost meaningless in society. From lying and breaking your word to stealing and thievery, to lack of restraint in handling money, to sexual practices and experimentation.

The call to salvation through Jesus Christ has almost become somewhat laughable to many and offensive to others. They see the church as hypocritical or simply mean and judgmental. The authority of the church is next to non-existent and boundaries are moved. Expectation is lost.

Leading when momentum is lacking or growth is non-existent or morale is low, is hard. But God warned this would be true in the last days before Jesus Christ returns.

The pure message of Christ?s forgiveness and redemption is more needed now than ever before. It is the only hope of a person?s true peace and grasping their value and true purpose.

One out of three Americans today are users of opioid drugs to deal with depression, emotional pain and trauma. Loneliness is a larger health issue than obesity. Lives are broken and chaotic, and no one can seem to fix it. This overstimulated drug use is now being called a national epidemic.

Whether it?s considered a ?cheesy? statement or not, the Bible boldly declares Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to deliver people from bondage, and to heal those who have been bruised. Christ came to fill the empty longings in the human heart.

The will of God is for you to be personally free from your mistakes, your sins and your past. There really is redemption in God. You were never created for hopelessness or judgment. You were created for a purpose. You are made for family. Made in the image of God, you are a treasure. But Satan, God?s enemy, works to blind you from your purpose; to keep you trapped in sin, judgment and despair. He wants to keep you angry at God.

I?m writing to let you know there is good news for you. You don?t have to hide behind your despair. God?s not mad at you. In fact, he loves you and willingly sent Jesus to take your despair, your sins, your past and be punished for you. You can be saved. It?s real. You can experience the freedom and joy of forgiveness and what it?s like to be redeemed.

Redeemed from the curse, from hate, from defeat, from addiction. It happens when you open your heart to God?s love in your life. You can do this now. Ask Him. Let?s not be like the people in ancient Israel. ?Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.?