When God answers prayer

Sharon Bortz, of Mt. Pleasant, talked to God as she corralled her old car into the auto-parts store for a computer check, ?Please, God,? she said, looking up at the roof. ?I don't have much money.? For months, she had been putting used tires on the car because it wore the tires off on the side. But now she was having trouble starting the car.

She hoped no one would see her pull into the store because she knew when she shut it off, the car would try to keep running. Sure enough, when she hit the switch, it coughed and belched out a cloud of greasy smoke that blended in with the overcast day. ?Enough, already,? Sharon hollered.

The auto-parts clerk asked if the check-engine light was on. Sharon assured him, ?Oh, yes. It's been on for two years.?

But he was real polite and optimistic when he hooked the computer to the Sable's analyzer port. He could visualize a whole list of parts he could sell: plugs, wires, battery. It had been a slow morning.

He frowned and tapped the computer screen with his finger.

?What's the matter?? Sharon asked.

?The computer shows nothing,? he said, incredulously, ?absolutely, nothing.? He tried to start the car. It wouldn't even groan. The 2000 Sable had died.

It was time. But at least it had happened in town. Sharon was known to gallivant all over SE Iowa.

Sharon called to have the car towed home. She could give the car to her son-in-law. ?Oh, thanks,? she visualized him saying.

This was on Thursday.

On Saturday, Sharon's daughter took her car shopping in Burlington. On the way, Sharon prayed, ?God, I need a car, and I need it now. This is what I have in money, which you gave me, Lord. I want something newer, approximately the same size of what I already have, God. And I want to be in church on Sunday morning.?

Sharon and her daughter went to three car lots. The salespeople just looked at them like, ?What rock did you crawl out from under??

Sharon went home, discouraged, and called her friend in Ottumwa. The friend said, ?Sharon, Saturday is not over.?

On Saturday night, Sharon's daughter called, all excited. ?Mom, get ready. We're coming to get you. We've found a car in Fairfield. It has been on Craigslist for three hours. It's a 2003 Ford Taurus, 129,000 miles, owned by a mechanic, and it's in good condition.?

They headed for Fairfield.

Sharon could see the car in the driveway as they approached. It was a silver beauty. It had ?Take me home,? written all over it. ?I'm your God car.?

Sharon's son-in-law was over negotiating with the owner. She could see the owner shaking his head yes. He agreed to accept Sharon's cash money.

By 8:00 on Saturday night, Sharon was driving her new used car home. She turned her eyes to the roof. ?Thank you, God.?

Sharon was in church on Sunday morning.


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