Weather this warm calls for a cannonball...eventually


Mt. Pleasnat News

I don?t know if you noticed, residents of Mt. Pleasant, but yesterday was hot.

Two Rivers Bank sign flashed 94 degrees?but I think that thermometer must have been in the shade. I thought for sure it was closer to 207, give or take a degree.

Usually I like the heat, and I love sunshine. But yesterday, I had to play hot potato with my steering wheel to avoid burning off my fingerprints, and while I walked around the square I had to avoid a strong temptation to dive in the fountain.

Still, it?s hard to complain when we?ve seen so many thunderstorms lately, so I decided to embrace the heat and take my first trip to the Mt. Pleasant community swimming pool. (It?s a little bit bigger than the fountain, at least.)

As I drove into the parking lot, I saw the water slide rise up over the green grass. The pool water sparkled in the sun, and there was nothing I wanted more than to cannonball into it.

The need to try out something new (even if it was, at first, just for my column) couldn?t have come on a better day.

So, full of anticipation, I walked up to the entrance ? just in time to see that it had closed five minutes before.

?Bummer? is an understatement.

While I stood there, crestfallen, kids were running out on all sides of me with shouts of glee after spending another sweltering summer day at the pool.

I remember that feeling. It had been a long time since I was at a community swimming pool, but it reminded me of the summers when I was a child. My mom and my aunt took me, with my siblings and our cousins, to the pool four times a week ? we only took a day off for a trip to the beach on Lake Michigan instead.

The time I spent at the pool ? even if it was just two minutes ? made me miss being a kid, at least a little. Of course, maybe some of you are thinking that at the age of 22, I?m still a kid. Maybe that?s why I?m planning on going to the pool again tonight.

Then again, maybe everyone loves the pool.  And maybe tonight, I?ll see you there.

I?ll be the one doing a long-overdue cannonball.