Wayland Lions Club prepares to celebrate 60th anniversary

The Wayland Lions Club held their January meeting at the Wayland Community Center. There were 17 members and District Governor Nancy Slack present.

President Chuck Brown called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. after which Larry Graber gave the Invocation. The meeting broke for a delicious meal catered by Alice Hochstetler.

At the resumption of the meeting, Marianne Pattyson read the minutes of the last meeting and Terry Kaufman gave the Treasurer?s Report, both of which were approved.

In old business Brian Pattyson informed the members of the status of a potential Leo Club. Available dates for a soup supper were discussed and the members agreed on Saturday, Feb. 24, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Wayland Community Center. Members volunteered to provide their special homemade soups for the event. In addition, snacks, desserts and door prizes will be offered. A Free Will Donation is requested. Information on the event will be in the form of posters, radio and local newspapers.

Wayland Lions Club was chartered on April 10, 1948, making April 10, 2018 its 60th anniversary of serving its communities. An Anniversary Dinner is being planned for current members and their guests in April or May of this year.

In new business, Iowa Lions District Governor Nancy Slack acknowledged three Wayland Lions for their service. Larry Graber was presented with his 15-Year Service Chevron; Carol Shumaker was acknowledged for 20-Year Service Chevron; and Russ Yoder for a 15 -ear Service Chevron.

Alden Hartzler was inducted as a New Wayland Lion by Slack, and Jim Hester received a Sponsor Certificate for recruiting Alden as a member.

Marianne Pattyson made a motion of commendation recognizing Egli Landscaping Company for donating their equipment, crew and drought resistant plants for the highway 55 Wayland Lions Club Monument. The motion was approved unanimously.

District Governor Nancy Slack introduced her New Service Leader Dog in training to the members. Winnie is the second service dog that Slack has housed and worked with before its final rigorous training, before going on duty serving a blind person. Slack named her original puppy Buddy, who was recently promoted and is now serving a new master as a leader dog.

Slack reviewed many of the programs that Lions Clubs International is involved with through Lions Clubs in the 210 countries around the world. Nancy noted $100,000 grants to countries like Haiti, states like Texas for flood relief from Hurricane Harvey and other disasters like tornadoes and flooding in Iowa. Nancy mentioned that each Lion serves and average of 70 people a year through community projects. There are over 1.4 million Lions around the world that are serving 120 million people in 2018, and that number is projected to reach 200 million people in 2021.

The official meeting ended at 7:30 p.m.

The Wayland Lions Club is always welcoming new, like-minded citizens anxious to help and give back to their community. Call Terry Kaufman at People?s Bank at 319-256-2131 if interested.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 20, at the Wayland Community Center.