Water quality initiative funding  now available to farmers

The Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District has announced that local farmers and landowners can sign up for the Water Quality Initiative funding made available by the Henry Soil and Water Conservation District. Interested farmers and landowners should contact the SWCD office at 709 S. Iris Street, Mt. Pleasant.

A variety of programs are available, some offering incentive payments for cover crops or no-till and others that provide cost share for permanent conservation practices. This year the district encourages landowners to try planting cover crops and related management practices such as no-till and nitrification inhibitors.

The financial incentive programs are a partnership between the district and local landowners to help get conservation practices on the land that prevent soil erosion and protect water quality. These conservation practices can reduce erosion and help keep water clean. Farmers are encouraged to contact the Henry SWCD office to discuss various options for their farm.