Warnings against spring fishing dissipate as temperatures quickly warm river

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


As temperatures continue to rise, there was concern just a couple weeks ago that it was still too cold to fish on the river. However, DNR Fisheries Biologist Chad Dolan said that with weather reaching the mid-70s during the day, water temperature will rise ?pretty quickly,? and fish are already more active as they respond to the warmer waters.

Dolan did warn, however, that river water that is constantly changing is harder to raise even a few degrees.

?We?re starting to see crappies moving up to the shallows,? Dolan said. ?So, the river?s behind, no doubt, but we?re probably not far off as long as the nice weather continues.?

Even so, as people start getting out their boats and getting on the river, Dolan said that it could become dangerous if someone falls into cold flowing water. Hypothermia, for example, could cause ?major issues.? Dolan advises people to be prepared if they go fishing or boat riding, always keeping a lifejacket with them and a change of clothes if they were to fall into the water.