Wanted: Energy ? lots of it


Mt. Pleasant News

Countless animals, including 38 dogs from one home and four emaciated horses have Henry County Animal Rescue (HCAR) for their renewed lives. The animals that HCAR helps are often in need of food, medicine, care but mostly love.

And now, HCAR is asking the community for a renewal of energy and support. More foster homes are sought for cats and dogs alike, volunteers are needed and donations of supplies and money are always gratefully accepted.

At the HCAR board meeting Thursday night, the board expressed their gratitude for past contributions and the need for ?more energy, new energy.? The board meets every month on the second Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Emergency Management Building in Mt. Pleasant. The meeting is open to the public and community input from around the county is appreciated.

HCAR provides a voice for creatures that can only bark, meow, whinny and chirp ? a voice that provides help and a new life for those that cannot speak on their own behalf.

A no-kill animal shelter is in the board?s sights, but in order for the dream to come to fruition more people are going to have to step up to the plate and help.

HCAR, a non-profit organization, provides foster homes, spay and neuter voucher applications, adoption and rescue services for all animals in the area. In return the board is seeking volunteers to help organize fundraising events and adoption days. Foster homes are also greatly needed immediately.

Foster homes are temporary homes where relinquished and rescued pets are cared for by volunteers until a permanent home is found. Many of the pawed and hoofed friends that HCAR helps go through foster homes prior to finding permanent adoptive families.

Individuals and businesses interested in helping animals in the area and the HCAR organization in any fashion please contact the group by calling 319-537-0200, via Facebook or by attending a Thursday meeting.

The next regular session meeting will be held Sept. 13 at 7 p.m.

Gary Ruth, director of operations of HCAR, estimated that approximately 100 animals, including the four horses, have been rescued, taken care of and adopted out so far just this year.

The group is aiming to have an adoption day early this fall and a Halloween (or ?Howl-oween?) event in October. However, in order for the events to happen more energy and people are needed to help get the gears going.

In the past 12 months, the group has hosted a pet photo opportunity with Santa, a chili supper, a pie auction, a silent auction, adoption days and an event at Hy-Vee.

Ruth explained at the meeting that the organization?s no-kill status recently helped the Department of Human Resources. DHS had to enter a home in Des Moines County and remove the children and animals due to the environment and situation. Ruth received a phone call asking if HCAR would be able to take in the pets because the shelter in Des Moines County is not a no-kill shelter. HCAR took the animals in and has started the process of finding permanent homes for the pets.

To assist the group, notify someone of an animal in need or to adopt a rescued pet, contact the organization through its Facebook page or call 319-537-0200.