WACO lauded for solar power move

To the editor:

Congratulations to the WACO and Crawfordsville schools for installing solar power. Whenever a business of the future like solar power is installed in an educational system it does far more than simply removing fossil fuels that was once supplying those schools. It gives students the opportunity to become more educated in how to cleanse our planet by offering the opportunity for first hand education.

One can be assured this process will bring forward youth that will be involved in going forward and improving the current methods being used. Along with Iowa?s many wind generators, these will keep Iowa as a leader in alternative energy.

In the past, it was seen through Iowa?s electrical generating dams that produced a great amount of our electricity, such as the one that was located in Oakland Mills; just think it could have been coupled to a new system and produce three times the energy ? maybe someday?



Robert Batey

Mt. Pleasant