Urban county residents will mark ballots Tuesday

By Brooks Taylor, Mt. Pleasant News


Henry County urban residents wil be selecting their city leaders Tuesday, Nov. 7, in the annual city elections. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Following is the candidate slate in each community.

Mt. Pleasant: Mayor ? Steven K. Brimhall*; City Council ? Ward II, Robert J. Griffith; Ward IV, Jeff Batty; councilman-at-large, Terry McWilliams*.

Coppock: Mayor ? Robert Schoolen; City Council (vote for three) ? Tracie Sedlacek*, Frankie Lee Nupp, Dustin Palmer.

Hillsboro: Mayor ? no candidate filed; City Council (vote for three) ? Dwight Stanley*, Gene Carter*.

New London: City Council (vote for three) ? Chris Amburn, Dan Berner*, Scott Campbell, Brad Helmerson, Jeffrey Eldon Hummell, Greg Malott*, Frank A. Staley*.

Olds: Mayor ? Mark Fulton; City Council (vote for two) ? Raymond C. Meth*, Matthew Slagel*.

Rome: Mayor ? Jeremy Lanferman*; City Council (vote for five) ? Lester Garrison*, Martha Garrison*, Deb Sammons*, Cameron Sammons*, Maria Whetsler*.

Salem: Mayor ? Dan Patterson*; City Council (vote for three) ? Chistina Feehan, Gary H. Tedrow*, John C. Wagner, Jason R. Wesely; to fill council vacancy, vote for one ? no candidate filed.

Wayland: Mayor ? Greg Rich; City Council (vote for two) ? Caylon DeVaul; Karole Miller*, Melinda Ullery*.

Westwood: Mayor ? Brant C. Knudsen; City Council (vote for three) ? Timothy Beavers*, Tobin Jacks, Gary Lane*.

Winfield ? City Council (vote for three) ? Ryan J. Kinneberg*, Richard L. Lauderdale, Ryan K. Rees*, Jennifer Wade.

Most of the mayoral and council terms are for four years and will begin Jan. 1, 2018.

* Denotes incumbent.