Turmoil in school district grieves local resident

To the editor:

The turmoil in the Mt. Pleasant Community School District in the last year has grieved me. The letters to the editor stating the 16.9 million dollar bond issue is not simply about air conditioning or other building accessories are absolutely correct. This 16.9 million dollar bond issue is about a school board, which refuses to represent the majority of ethical citizens in the community from which they were elected. Those of us who have chosen to spend our lives in this community, and not just retire here, have always valued character and honesty. We want those elected and those employed with our tax dollars to exhibit those same values. It is very apparent that this now is not the situation with the leadership of our school district. I can not in good conscience vote for a 16.9 million dollar check for a school board that has not chosen to do the honorable action for its employees, student or the community they are suppose to represent.

What is it going to take for the board of education to wake up, take responsibility for the mistake they made and correct the situation?

Both of my parents dedicated  their working lives to the Mt. Pleasant Community School District and the community in which we all live. Mrs. Evans, as she was known by the thousands of students she taught, stated she has never seen things this bad in her 63 years living here. My late father, Coach Evans, who worked so very hard for so many years for this community and school district would be ?a little upset? to see his beloved school being torn apart from within.

Please join me in voting no September 9. The current proposed bond is not about buildings for our children, it is about the character of this community and the direction it will take in the future. Please make every effort to let your voice be heard on election day.



Stanley Evans,

Mt. Pleasant