Trump Causes Outrage in Britain With Re-tweets of Anti-Muslim Videos

LOS ANGELES ?  British officials reacted with outrage Wednesday to tweets by President Trump featuring anti-Muslim videos promoted by an Islamophobic far-right group in Britain.

Trump shared three tweets from one of the leaders of Britain First, an anti-immigrant group based in the U.K. The re-tweets, which have since been deleted, featured videos titled ?Muslim migrants beat up Dutch boy on crutches,? ?Muslim destroys statue of Virgin Mary,? and ?Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death.?

The content of the videos has not been verified. According to the BBC, Britain?s Press Association has found that the video purporting to show a boy thrown off a roof being was taken in Egypt in 2013. The video showing a Virgin Mary statue being destroyed was posted on YouTube four years ago. And the video featuring a Dutch boy being attacked was posted on a Dutch website earlier this year; two men were charged in connection with the beating, but none of the reporting of the incident mentioned the religion of the alleged assailants.

Several high-profile British politicians were aghast at Trump?s apparent endorsement of Britain First, which many in the country consider to be a hate group.

?Britain First is a vile, hate-fueled organization whose views should be condemned, not amplified,? London Mayor Sadiq Khan said.

Britain First was created by former members of the nativist British National Party and campaigns for a huge reduction in immigration.