Treasure with turmoil

By Rev. Jim Hughes


Prov. 15:16 It is better to have little with fear for the LORD than to have great treasure with turmoil. NLT

It is far better to live in humility and be respectful of God than it is to have great wealth. When we are right with God, there is a peace and contentment that cannot be found anywhere else. The soul that fears God honors Him. He is more focused on living to please God than he is anything else. The soul that fears God is sin-conscious. He understands the seriousness of sinning against God. He knows that standing guard over his soul is a matter of heaven or hell.

No matter how much wealth a person may accumulate on earth, it never gives the soul rest. Wealth keeps the soul in turmoil. There is always the elusive dream of having enough. There is always the fear of losing what one has. There is the turmoil of trying to find satisfaction for the soul with the things wealth can provide. There is the turmoil of disillusionment when one realizes that wealth cannot deliver on its promises. There is the turmoil of dealing with those who want a portion of the wealth accumulated.

Building one?s life on the foundation of wealth, or anything else other than God, is utter futility and foolishness. The only thing that can satisfy the soul is Christ, for whom the soul was created. Only Christ can give the soul peace, love, joy, and an unfailing hope for the future. There is nothing wrong with wealth in and of itself, but when it becomes the sole goal and purpose for living, it is very bad. It is far better to have little and a proper fear of the Lord than to have all the wealth on earth.

Put all your hopes and dreams in Christ alone and you will never be disappointed or disillusioned. Only Jesus can satisfy the soul.