Tour of Homes to be held next weekend

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Five homes will be showcased on Sunday, Nov. 19, during the 19th annual T.T.T. Tour of Homes, with proceeds going toward sending four to five girls from Mt. Pleasant to summer camp.

The homes are chosen by the Mt. Pleasant T.T.T. Chapter DD each year for their originality and history. The homeowners who are asked to share their homes ?graciously agree to do it,? Chapter DD member Joyce Dennison said. The National T.T.T. Society is a nonprofit philanthropic organization founded in 1911 in Mt. Pleasant.

The event is ticketed, with funds sending four to five girls who have completed the fourth grade to Camp Wyoming for a week in June. Dennison said the five to six thousand dollars they raise pays for the girls? camp fees, transportation, purchases them clothing and other necessities they need for camp.

?It?s a once-a-year deal, so it?s a really fun thing to do,? Dennison said. ?Most of the houses are decorated for Christmas or Thanksgiving, so you get to see that. We appreciate people coming out and touring the houses so we can get these girls ready to go to camp.?

Investing in the girls goes beyond sending them to summer camp. For Mt. Pleasant Chapter DD, it means following their progress and supporting them through junior high and high school and into their college education if that?s what they choose.

T.T.T. chapter member Michelle Rosell said that if they elect to go to college, these girls can then apply for scholarship through T.T.T.

?It?s a kind of mentoring program for young women to give them opportunities to experience camp, establish some lifelong friendships and then be connected with a group of women in their community who are interested in seeing them succeed,? Rosell said.

The girls are chosen through the schools with teachers identifying girls who might not otherwise get the opportunity to go to a summer camp. In a letter sent to homeowners who participate in Tour of Homes, T.T.T. explains that camp provides girls with the chance to learn of their own worth, develop initiative, learn self-expression and live in harmony with others.

The homes featured are as followed:

Kirsten and Eric Heerdt at 609 N. White St.

Mrs. Lois Crane at 601 N. White St.

Eileen and Randy Ensminger at 1979 Franklin Ave.

Angie and Dennis Jandrey at 202 N. Harrison.

Virginia and Emery Styron at 202 N. Adams.

The tour is from 1 to 5 p.m. on Nov. 19. Tickets are available from any T.T.T. Chapter DD Member, at Brown?s Shoe Fit, Jerry?s Restaurant or at the door.