Top10 things to look forward to during this time of the year


Mt. Pleasant News

I don?t like winter, anything that is cold or bad weather. In an attempt at staying positive, however, I have compiled a list of the top 10 good things about this time of year.

10. The scenery is actually kind of pretty, as long as you are inside and warm. With the snow covering treetops and hills, it almost looks like a painting outside.

9. Reading. Wintertime is great for curling up and reading a new book. Since the current weather is more conducive to staying indoors, this is the perfect opportunity to read that book you have been meaning to get to.

8. Board games. If reading is a little too passive of an activity, try playing a board game with some friends or family. Depending on whom you play the game with, it would get pretty heated.

7. Clean. Apparently spring is when a lot of people get bitten by the cleaning bug, but personally I like to be outside once spring hits. Since cold weather makes me want to stay indoors, more often that not I notice how much I need to clean. No one likes to be stuck inside with a mess!

6. Building forts. I don?t mean snow forts, I mean blanket, pillow and kitchen chair kind of forts. Usually this works best if you have a kid or are at least a kid at heart.

5. Snowmen and snow angels. As much as I don?t like to go outside in the cold, if I can create something while being cold it is much better than simply being outside and being cold.

4. Snow forts and snowball fights. This option is for the slightly more aggressive snow person.

3. Food. Maybe it is just coming down from the family holidays with such good food or the warmth from the oven, but something about this time of year makes me want to bake things.

2. Snowmobiling. I hear its pretty fun. I?ve never tried it, but I have been pretty impressed with the local snowmobiling club getting those routes going this year. I think a lot of people appreciate it.

1. My absolute favorite part about winter is when it ends. I have to be honest there. Unfortunately for us, I don?t think this cold spell is going to be over any time soon.