Thoughts on Henry County sports, brought to you by the number one

You have probably seen Sesame Street. In that children?s show, each episode is ?sponsored? by a certain number.

Well, this column is going to be kind of like Sesame Street ? minus the lessons in math and spelling, the big yellow bird and the grouch living in the garbage can.

What I mean is?this month?s column is brought to you by the number one.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my start at the Mt. Pleasant News sports desk.

Henry County teams have not made it difficult to make it through the last 12 months ? I got a chance to witness a boys? basketball state championship and five state track and field titles won by area athletes.

In the last year, I?ve watched a lot of games (and matches and meets), and I?ve also met a lot of Henry County residents.

Invariably, they ask, ?So, where are you from?? and I answer, ?I?m from the south suburbs of Chicago.? And in response to that, I usually hear something like, ?Well, what are you doing here??

But guess what?

I like Mt. Pleasant.

I like the feel of a small-town community. I like that grandparents come into the office to buy four extra copies of the paper simply because their grandkids are in it.

I like the big, old houses on Washington and Monroe Streets, and I like that some houses have been turned into office buildings ? not demolished and rebuilt. I like the history and excitement surrounding the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion.

And most of all, I like how so many people in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding communities care so much about high school athletics.

Now, as fall approaches (try to remember while you?re sweating in 100-degree heat that fall is coming), I begin covering each of the Henry County sports for the second time.

There are changes: IWC has joined the NCAA, and it has quite a few new coaches (and this time, when I meet them, I?ll be the Mt. Pleasant veteran). WACO doesn?t have cross-country this year. And, of course, a whole group of seniors has graduated.

But I am sure that the community will be just as interested in what their teams are doing, and therefore ? whether their teams win championships or not ? they will make my job enjoyable.

I guess all I?m trying to say is? thanks, Henry County, for a good year. I look forward to the start of another one.