Thor and Loki meet snow

By Sally Y. Hayes

Mt. Pleasant News

The holidays kicked off with a refrigerator full of tasty leftovers following Thanksgiving?s feast. Green bean casserole, deviled eggs, pasta salad, turkey, salad and of course, pumpkin pie were all loaded into the back seat to take home.

While the plethora of food is a good indication of the holidays, in my book at least, it is the first snow that really marks the commencement of Christmas carols and decking the halls.

My fiancÚ, Will, and I enjoyed the Holiday on Main Street last week, taking our two nearly five-month old vizsla puppies with us. The sheep seemed to spike our two four-legged friends? interest. They enjoyed the attention from children passing by as we walked to get their photo taken with Santa Claus.

Thor and Loki were like two year olds around Santa: Loki reluctantly sat there and whined while Thor did everything in his power to run the other way. Luckily the photographer was able to catch some of the cute moments between the escape attempts. And better yet the fee went to a good cause ? the Henry County Animal Rescue Organization, which is under new administration.

And to add to the holiday aura, this week the first snow of the season has fallen with more en route.

I love it. Sledding, snow ball fights, snowmen, snow angels, snow boots, scarves and stocking hats ? all just a few of the things I enjoy during the winter months.

Not only was Tuesday the first snow of the season, it was the puppies? first experience with the powdery precipitation. I think Thor follows in my footsteps; he seems to enjoy it. While Loki shares the sentiment of many of my colleagues ? not so thrilled.

Tuesday on my lunch hour was the duo?s first time witnessing a snow covered front yard.

I started to walk out the front door with Thor?s leash in my left hand and Loki?s in my right. Thor was bounding in front of me, eager to investigate something new. As I took a couple of steps out the door I realized that something was keeping me from moving forward. I turned around to see Loki reluctant to step outside.

He was whining and had his two front paws against the bottom of the doorframe, spread out, refusing to come outside as I gently tugged on his leash. So, I picked up the now 25 pound pup and set him in the snow.

Will and I have had them just three months and they?ve already tripled in weight, the little guys were roughly nine pounds when we first brought them home.

Thor, with a nose covered in snow, looked at his brother in a confused fashion as though thinking, ?This is awesome! Come on, let?s play.?

Loki seemed to respond with, ?I?m cold and this stuff is wet under my paws. Do I have to be out here??

I think those are the two sentiments people seem to have towards snow ? joy or disdain. However, a white Christmas always seems to be more festive.

Now in the busy, yet exciting, month of December with a fresh layer of snow on the ground, it seems the perfect time to finish up my list of holiday cards, purchase presents, wrap gifts, sing carols and bake the Hayes family?s traditional sugar cookies with old fashioned metal cookie cutters.

I truly am dreaming of a white Christmas, although I doubt Loki is.