Thor and Loki arrive in the city


Mt. Pleasant News

Setting a food schedule, cleaning up messes and accidents, separating arguing siblings, supervising as they roll around on the floor with their toys ? I feel as though Iím now the mother of two small children, rather than a happy owner of two energetic, three-month old viszla puppies.

They love unconditionally and are learning commands quickly but are a lot of work. While looking at their adorable faces Saturday morning I had forgotten the amount of diligent training and scheduling it takes to raise puppies into loyal, well-behaved dogs.

My boyfriend, Will Hart, and I had no intentions of getting a dog, let alone two.

The adoption came only after I had managed to talk Will into ?just looking? at puppies after visiting my grandparents in Burlington, a feat that took some coaxing. However, in an odd turn of events he talked me into getting the bird-dog brothers.

We strapped a blue collar on one and a black collar on the runt. We then loaded them into the backseat of the car, where Will rode with them.

We began pondering what to name the bright-eyed, floppy eared pups as we drove westward.

Two residents of Asgard have lent their names to the two new auburn viszlas of Mt. Pleasant ? Thor and Loki.

Thor may be the smaller of the two but definitely has the dominant personality. Loki is living up to his namesake, being rather ornery and clever.

Will and I have shared laughs as they run around tripping over their puppy paws, investigate the vacuum cleaner as it whirs, sing along with the radio and fall asleep cuddled together in our laps.

Loki quickly bonded with Will. While Thor is often found at my feet.

In the short week that we?ve had the puppies I have realized quite a bit.

I was quickly reminded that cute and cuddly creatures still make unpleasant messes, almost always at the worst time possible. They depend on you for everything ? food, water, shelter, taking them out, training and structure. My schedule now revolves around them; no more sleeping in or spontaneous weekend visits to college friends. My lunch hour during the week is spent walking and feeding them. And any question of children in the near future has left my mind for the time being.

Loki and Thor are worth the time and work. Their unconditional love after a long, hard day at work is worth more than the work, time and cleaning up after.

Thor and Loki have brought a smile to my face every day. How could I not smile when they look up at me with their big puppy eyes and wagging tails?