Things I learned from a child


Mt. Pleasant News

After spending several days traveling with my best friend and my best friend?s six-year-old daughter, I have come up with 10 things a person can learn from a child.

1. The world is a really big place, waiting to be explored. The fascinating thing about kids is that they haven?t (hopefully) had a lot of bad things happen to them yet, so they haven?t really developed a fear of the unknown. A wise man once told me ?Never fear the unknown.? That is some of the best advice I have ever been given.

2. If someone is doing something that is wrong, tell them. I have noticed that children aren?t exactly good at sugarcoating things, and usually speak their mind with little to no hesitation. Too often I find myself seeing something that I know is wrong, and tolerating it for the ?benefit? of the group. In actuality I should speak up and point out that it isn?t okay.

3. When all else fails, ask your parents what to do. Parents have much more life experience (though I doubt kids realize that), and usually have a bit more understanding of a situation. Unfortunately for me, I happen to be incredibly stubborn and have a bit of an independent streak. I blame my red hair.

4. Silly things are funny. Sometimes the most fun you can have on any given day is just laughing until your sides hurt. There is absolutely nothing wrong with laughing at something silly, well, usually. Adults generally have a hard time seeing the silly side of things, and that?s just sad.

5. If you are tired of doing something and you find that your heart is absolutely not into whatever you are doing, stop doing it. You won?t benefit yourself or anyone else if you are crabby and uncooperative. Find something else to do with your time.

6. There are a lot of really pretty things to see outside. Look at them. Enjoy the world around you. I gave my best friend?s daughter a camera to use while we were vacationing, and the pictures she took of her favorite parts of the trip fascinated me.

7. Know what you want and stick to it. If you are wishy-washy or don?t focus on your goal, you probably wont get it. Six-year-olds generally know exactly what they want and aren?t shy about announcing it. It?s a shame that we grow out of that kind of focus.

8. A new pair of shoes can be really exciting. I?ll be honest, she and I already had that in common. Lets face it, though, new shoes are always nice, no matter how old you are.

9. When someone gives you a gift, be thankful. I can?t tell you how many times that little girl?s face lit up anytime anyone gave her something. ?It?s exactly what I wished for!? would be her reply.

10. Be happy. Life is more enjoyable when you are happy.