The trooper who saved the day

To the editor:


On Saturday, June 11, my mother and I were heading to Iowa City for a day of shopping. As we drove out of Mt. Pleasant, our tire light came on. Soon after, our tire completely exploded and I was able to get to the side of 218. There we sat, two ladies in distress and we watched many cars go by without stopping to help us. Although we called our husbands for help, they were quite a ways away. We were also worried about who may stop, and if we would be in danger.

An Iowa State Trooper pulled up behind us. He promptly helped us get the car in a less dangerous spot. He then proceeded to take our tire off and put the spare on, without being asked. He did this in the heat of the day and without any hesitation. We thanked him as he finished up and stated that we did not know officers did this kind of thing. He simply replied that it is his job to help others and he does this often. And with that, he got into his car and drove away.

In this day and age, where police officers are under fire for many things, we were reminded that day that they are here to help us. For the few who do questionable things and it is paraded in the media, we forget that just like Trooper Luke Taeger, most are there for our benefit and do things like helping two women change a tire. They do it, because that is what they do: they help people. To Iowa Trooper Luke Taeger and many others across our nation, we simply offer our thanks and appreciation.


PS: Trooper Taeger, we still plan on taking cookies to the Mt. Pleasant Post and they will be instructed to save some for you.


Connie Berkey and Barbara Wyse

Mt. Pleasant